Holidays in Japan

Holidays in Japan are very special. They're a great opportunity to relax and be with your family and friends. But they also come when you least expect it!

Like this lovely Saturday morning when I went to school.
Let me first just explain briefly what it's usually like when I go to school.
I live in Tokyo, hope you all already know it's kind of a crowded place. Which means that during the morning rush wherever you go there will be people. Lots of people. But when I have school on Saturdays it's not as crowded as during the weekdays, so this morning just seemed like any other Saturday morning as I  happily walked to the station.
Then I arrived at Kurihira station - where I went off as usual - and started my 20 min walk to school.
This walk from the station to the school is also special since there are over 2000 students in my school. And of course everyone goes to school in the morning. (And everyone starts 8:30) Do I need to say more?
It took a while for me to notice - because I was just happy there wasn't any teachers around so that I could listen to my iPod in peace - but bit by bit I started feeling like there was something wrong.
Where the hell is everybody?! I had then walked half of the way. I was completely alone. "Dafuq" I thought to myself... I called Bella to see what was going on, and with a sleepy voice she picked up the phone and said "Hello...?"
"Bella, where are you? Where is everyone??"
"We don't have school today -_-"
"..... fuck"
"Where are you?"
"Like 5 minutes from school"
"Go back home"
But first I actually went up to my classroom to see if I didn't have dance club or anything but I didn't so... I went back home again. And here I am writing about this lovely story for all of you to read. Isn't that nice of me. I'm gonna go back to bed now I think.


Postat av: Mamma

Ingen kul upplevelse :( Hoppas du har roligare resten av helgen :)

2012-11-03 @ 11:51:15

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