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I cut my hair! And I wanted to give you guys an update of my looks as well heheheheh
So here are some pics of me from the last couple of months since I haven't been updating at all haha.
(last pic: don't worry I'm perfectly healthy, but this Japanese hay fever is killing me)

Minna san hisashiburi desu!

Hey people. Hey hey hey! Hisashiburi!! I haven't been blogging in like... a long time. Not gonna be all like "Oh, hej bloggen sorry för att jag inte har bloggat på länge!", like most Swedish bloggers would be like. Cuz, let's face it, my readers are like my mom and... yeah it's mostly my mom I think. And also I'm not sorry that I haven't been blogging all this time.
You wanna know why? Because I've had the time of my life. It's not that I haven't been blogging because I don't have anything to write about. The opposite actually, I have tons of different things to blog about and things I want to tell everyone, but I realised something important - To enjoy the time I have left as an exchange student to the fullest!!!
With that said, I'm gonna try to keep it short and simple. I love getting comments, and I would be glad to answer any questions about Japan and about being an exchange student etc.
So yeah, basically just send me a comment and I will gladly answer it! It would make it easier for me as well, because I sometimes (all the time) can't decide what to write about, and also I wanna help out future exchange students/people who want to learn Japanese.
Actually I already got one question, and that's actually why I came up with writing this post. So the question was:
- How did you learn Japanese?
And the question was from HejHej (great name I must say!). HejHej also wrote that he/she (Hen?) is trying to learn from the internet.
Answer: I think learning from the internet is a good way to learn because it's fast and free. I started out by getting help from my dad actually. But since not everyone learning Japanese out there has a Japanese dad (I presume?) I recommend learning from the internet and if you have the money - take Japanese classes at your local language school. Or if you're a student you could check for schools which offer Japanese classes, that way you can save your wallet (y).
Some other advice, I would say learn hiragana and katakana first. And try to listen to Japanese as much as possible (watch dramas, listen to Japanese music etc.) And as many other people would say, you can't truly learn a language unless you're around it all the time = Live in a country that speaks the language you want to learn. I'd also say, learn about the culture. Japanese culture is so rich and it has so many different levels. If you want to be able to speak the language right, I recommend learning about the Japanese way and Japanese customs.

Please if you have any other questions, ask me! ^^

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