Tjenare... läget? (Referens till världens bästa youtube-klipp)
Hey guys, I don't know what to say. I've had a lot to do recently and just didn't think about the blog at all XD
I'm just gonna try to explain what I've been up to this month, so try to catch up!
First of all, the camp.
I went to a reunion camp for the exchange students from January 12th-14th.
On the first day we went to the Ghibli museum, which was amazing! I love Hayao Miyazaki's movies, and the exhibition of his work was really cool. If you ever get a chance to go there, take it! They had a really nice souvenir shop there as well, and I bought some pins of my favorite characters, Howl and Totoro.
After we had been to the museum it was about time for dinner, so we went back to Shinjuku and searched for a good place to eat. We ended up at some random Japanese restaurant in the blur of restaurant/bar areas of Shinjuku. I had a really good time talking to the other exchange students during dinner.
Then we went back to the hostel we were staying at. It is located in Iidabashi and it was called Tokyo Central Youth Hostel, it was right next to the station actually. Only that it was on the 18th floor! The view from our rooms was amazing! I loved this place because of the view and because it was full of young people and foreigners, plus there was a cozy common room on our floor. There me and my friends ended up talking late at night. I won't say what time but I can say our "bedtime" was at 11pm...
So the first night I met some new friends, from America. I had just got back from the shower and went to the common room. There I saw the exchange students talking to a bunch of strangers. I soon found out that they were American university students, here in Japan as a part of their Japanese course to learn about Japanese culture.
I went and introduced myself and these guys were so nice that we actually ended up talking the rest of the night.
They were going to fly back to America on Monday the 14th, same date as we exchange students were all going back to our homes all across Japan.

On the 13th I went to Disneyland, not much to say other than that is was really fun! It was such a long time since I'd been there, and it reminded me a lot of when I was a kid. Because it was Sunday, and because it was Tokyo, the place was of course overcrowded. But that didn't stop us from having fun! We had freetime from 10am to 8pm and just to be in the whole Disney-atmosphere is special to me haha. You're never to old for Disneyland!
Coming back to the hostel that night, most of our American friends were out exploring Tokyo since it was their last night. But two of them, Brandon and Cindy, were there when we came back. So me Lowis and Mindy sat up talking to them that night too. We also made plans to have breakfast with them the next day, because after that it would be goodbye.
So, when I woke up the next morning the first thing I saw when looking out of the windows, was nothing. It was all fogged up because why? Outside it was pouring rain!!! Like typhoon-ish I would say! The plans that the exchange organisation had made was, going on a Hato Bus tour... Which is like a sightseeing-tour around Tokyo. Don't think so.
Me and Mindy had been waiting for Brandon and Cindy, but nobody showed up, so we were about to brace ourself and out to go to Starbucks for some breakfast. We actually went all the way down, and out, before realizing "Oh hell no" and went straight back up to the hostel. We asked the staff if they had some umbrellas to lend us, and luckily they did. When we tried going back down again, we met Brandon by the elevator. So the three of us went to Starbucks had breakfast and went back.
Then we found out about the changed plans. As I thought, no hato bus tour today. Instead, free time in Shibuya!!! And sorry, but I'm gonna make the long story have a short end now XD
Me, a bunch of exchange students, and Cindy ended up going bowling together in Shibuya. Then Cindy had to go because she had to catch her flight back home. (Which ended up being delayed because of the sudden snowstorm, oh yes, there was a sudden snowstorm btw)
And the rest of us had a fucking hard time getting home as well that day because of that fucking snowstorm. I also fell two times in a row on my way home. Just wanted you to know.

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